Mike-kun (ulfstormbringer) wrote in dr_zodiacs_lair,

Notes on spiritual thinking

Hail friends of the mighty Prophet Zodiac. I am going to be giving a very important speech today, in a very limited amount of time. So I'll get to the point.
When I make pronouncements, they are not requirements. Each person is individual and differnt, but there are patterns that can be seen.
I'm a friends of the great enlightened thinker Dr. Zodiac, and as such I understand that I care about Spiritual growth, not the growth of any one religion. I also understand that some people need a little more structure than "Go out, think and be free!".
I am here to provide order and structure for those who need it. To be a friend on the road to those who don't. To be a thorn in the side of those who refuse to lift thier head and see the world as a bigger place than they want to believe.
At least until Research and Dementia get's that mind control device working.
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