Mike-kun (ulfstormbringer) wrote in dr_zodiacs_lair,

A message from the Bishop

Hail followers of the great prophet Zodiac! I have recently received a holy vision from the great prophet... Or at least that's what I shall assume, as I am who I am, and he who he is, it all makes sense.
So we have all been waiting for the offical endorsement from the church of Zodiac. We've tried several times but none of the important canidates are taking our calls.(We are still waiting to hear back from Cthulu... The long distence rates to R;yleh are a bitch.) but we have finnally found a canidate that express our beliefs. That the world needs to be more absurd. That it's the simple pleasures in life.
He recently had to appologize for people not taking responsibility for thier own actions. He is now bowed and he is not broken. So he has come forth with his hat in the ring, and while I cannot speak for the Prophey, I will speak for myself. Until Cthulu get's back to us, I approve this message.

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