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A musical interlude

Greetings followers of the Prophet Zodiac. There have been many intresting revelations recently, but I shall not go over them here. I shall just say, that today I will go over some good music quickly.
First, for those of you looking at Indie-Rock go find yourself some "Broken Social Scene" I grabbed a cd of thiers from the Creighton Library today, and it's sounding pretty good.
If you want to go more classic rock, I have once again rediscovered the joys of the Talkings Heads. Repeat after me, David Byrne is a little vocal diety to me.
Then if you want to go for Indie-pop, I may suggest the Decemberists. They aren't everybodies taste, but you may wish to find out for yourself.
If you want more revolutionary faire, try some Lost Prophets. All Three of thier CD's are most excellent music.
And going back to classics for a moment, in the musical sense of things, Bad Religion. Nuff said.
I thank the followers for listening to the Bishop once again. When the time comes for more music talk, I shall be back. Or when reporting on the status for the Prophey.
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